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Music Republic Magazine is always thrilled to bits to receive CDs/DVDs/BOOKS to consider for review coverage. Please request a postal address to send physical CDs/DVDs.BOOKS to us. Preferably well in advance of official release. We need full press information too with your submission and it is important to give us the UK release date, record label/film company/book publisher’s name and the contact information for the person handling the press and media for the release.

We cannot return anything we are sent, and we cannot guarantee coverage. For unsigned artists and bands; we are delighted to hear your self-released work. But it must be music that will be released to the public, so not demos or general stuff on your website and social media.

We prefer physical discs unless we have agreed to listen to your music on-line. Oh, and as for genres, we cover almost anything if it is really, really, really good. If we really dig it, we may well then grab you for a chat and a few piccies for our Features Zone or turn up at a gig to see what all the noise is about. So go on then, what are you waiting for?


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