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Barclay James Harvest: Time Honoured Ghosts (Esoteric Recordings) 24th September 2021



3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)



A new remastered and expanded two-disc edition of “Time Honoured Ghosts”,  from prog’ rock legends Barclay James Harvest, which was  first released in October 1975.

Recorded in San Francisco between May and July of that year, the record saw the band work with American producer Elliot Mazer at his studio in California. Featuring such fan-faves as “In My Life”, “Jonathan”, “Titles” (a hit single in Europe), “Moongirl”, “Hymn For The Children”, “Song For You” and “One Night”.

This double-disc edition of the album has been newly remastered from the recently discovered original stereo master tapes, and features a 1975 re-recording of “Child Of The Universe”, which was intended for an American single release, but was later shelved.

This set comes with an NTSC/Region Free DVD with a 5.1 Surround Sound up-mix (derived from the stereo master tapes, due to the loss of the original multi-track tapes), and the bonus visual feature of five promotional films shot in 1975 to accompany the album release.

The booklet with this set features illustrations, a poster and an essay by Keith and Monika Domone.


For BJH fans, here’s the full track listing:

Track Listing:

DISC ONE: Time Honoured Ghosts Remastered

1 In My Life
2 Sweet Jesus
3 Titles
4 Jonathan
5 Beyond the Grave
6 Song for You
7 Hymn for the Children
8 Moongirl
9 One Night
Bonus track
10 Child of the Universe
(1975 remake for unreleased US single)


Time Honoured Ghosts
High Resolution 96 kHz / 24-bit
5.1 Surround Sound up-mix and original
re-mastered stereo mix

1 In My Life (5.1 Surround Sound up- mix)
2 Sweet Jesus (5.1 Surround Sound up-mix)
3 Titles (5.1 Surround Sound up-mix)
4 Jonathan (5.1 Surround Sound up- mix)
5 Beyond the Grave (5.1 Surround Sound up-mix)
6 Song for You (5.1 Surround Sound up-mix)
7 Hymn for the Children (5.1 Surround Sound up-mix)
8 Moongirl (5.1 Surround Sound up- mix)
9 One Night (5.1 Surround Sound up- mix)
Visual content
1 Jonathan (1975 promotional film)
2 Titles (1975 promotional film)
3 Moongirl (1975 promotional film)
4 One Night (1975 promotional film)
5 Beyond the Grave (1975 promotional film)



By Graham Morrison



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