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Welcome to Music Republic Magazine. The team behind this totally independent UK-based digital music magazine have decades of collective experience in journalism, photography, publishing, film production and the music industry. Not to mention VIP contacts galore, and enough passion to power the National Grid.

So, what kind of stuff do we cover? Better to ask what we don’t cover! If it is s**t hot; we want to hear it, we need to see it and we will feature it. Music Republic Magazine strives to be FIRST to bring you cracking new artists/bands, fabulous new music and lots of exclusive content from a team of ace writers and photographers. From the vastly experienced to fresh new talent deserving of a window for their creative skills.

We also care about well established artists too, of course. It is not about strict genre specific coverage at Music Republic Magazine. It is all about QUALITY…………..We all have mega eclectic tastes, and we are sure our readers share that trait. We dig blues, jazz, reggae, world music, soul, R&B, hip hop/rap, grime, funk, country, Americana, roots, acoustic, folk, rock, pop and indie……….and much more. But just so you know; unsigned artists are just as welcome as major label acts at Music Republic Magazine, so long as what they are doing is a bit special. Signed or unsigned, new or an established artist or band; geographic location is immaterial. We cover the planet and the Universe!

Music Republic Magazine brings you news, live gig/festival reviews and pix, CD/book/DVD reviews, interviews, hot new music videos, the chance to win some tasty goodies and we just love feedback…………..most importantly; we want you to tell us who YOU want to read about and who WE should show some love to. WE will do the rest. So, please contact us via the form in the Contact Zone with tips and suggestions of who is hot and worthy of our attention.

PRs, record labels, music managers, music promoters, venue owners, pluggers and artists; give us a shout and be sure to add Music Republic Magazine to your mailing lists. Keep us informed of who is doing what and when, and we will crack on. Sound like a plan?

“Welcome to the Republic!”

P.S. Any creative and talented writers and photographers out there who fancy getting their sleeves rolled up and want to pitch an idea or two; we welcome an approach. Just go to Contact Zone and hit us up. Do it now!!!

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