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Punk And Disorderly: The Albums – The Sound Of UK82 (Captain Oi!) 23rd July 2021



4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)



The latest edition of one of the most successful punk compilation series, offers 64 tracks across three discs collated from previous Punk And Disorderly releases which dropped in ’82 and ’83.

This one follows on from the recent “UK82” release by the Captain Oi! Label, which focused on the No Future and Riot City labels. For this set, bonus material totals 16 choice cuts.

Volume one of the Punk And Disorderly series dropped in March 1982 and peaked at # 48 in the UK album charts – plus eight months in the Independent chart, peaking at number three.

Seminal Indie chart hits from the likes of Dead Kennedys, Blitz, Vice Squad and G.B.H. helped establish the format of the series.

Bonus tracks from Anti Nowhere League, The Defects, Discharge, The Lurkers and Special Duties have been added to this first disc for this box set package.

“Further Charges” was released in September 1982 denting the lower reaches of the UK album chart at # 91 and peaking at six in the Independent chart.

Of the 16 Indie chart hit singles highlighting the “UK82” Punk scene gathered together by original label Anagram Records, on this second disc, there are added bonus cuts from Dead Man’s Shadow, Instant Agony, Last Rites, Mau Maus and The Varukers.

The third CD here concentrates on third volume “Final Solution”, from the summer of 1983 – a number 10 hit in the UK Independent chart.

Alongside the likes of U.K. Subs, Angelic Upstarts and Newtown Neurotics were “UK82” heroes like The Exploited (don’t ya just love Watty Buchan’s bright Mohican?), The Adicts and Abrasive Wheels.

Six bonus cuts on disc three from Dead Wretched, External Menace, Resistance 77, Major Accident, Riot Squad and The Blood, each track from an Indie chart hit single.

The booklet with this set contains detailed liner notes and images of all related singles. Retailing at under twenty quid (circa £16.99 – £17.99), and with the previous releases usually selling out, this one is bound to be snapped up pre-release and/or fast after its 23rd July release date.

Happy as Larry I’ve already got my review copy to wear out, and with which to treat the neighbours to its joys!


By Graham Burley




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