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Norwegian Eight-Piece ‘Fieh’ Drop Sultry Soul Banger “25”




We have for your delight….a brilliant blast of sizzling jazz tinged nu-soul from Norwegian eight-piece Fieh – pronounced Fee-Ah – and we tip them for big, big things here at Music Republic Magazine.

The track is “25”, released today, 15th March 2019 on Decca. It’s infectious, uber-cool and sits on a slinky and sultry groove.

A breath of fresh Nordic air and showing mahoosive potential on their debut international release.

Formed five years ago around singer and songwriter Sofie Tollefsbøl, who is now 22, and who to our ears, sounds a wee bit like the wonderful Mahalia, we think.

Cannot wait for the full album, slated for Autumn release. Meantime, we are gonna be keeping tabs on Sofie and these talented chaps and chapesses as they progress. Bet your sweet bippy on that one..

Oh, and yes…we know there are only seven in the photo and the band is an eight-piece…so don’t write in , eh!!!





Photo credit (top of page):  Jonathan Vivaas Kise



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