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The Little River Band: The Big Box (Store For Music) 28th April 2017



4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)



A very welcome CD box set retrospective of this legendary Australian rock outfit’s more recent releases of their 42 year career. A band who have sold more than 30 million records since they formed in 1975. Originating from Melbourne, they were the first Aussie rock group to enjoyed sustained commercial success in the USA, scoring 13 Top 40 hits in America.

This bumper six disc offering is a collection of the Little River band’s key albums, interviews, new live video and audio performances from the 40th anniversary tour in 2015. There is also an accompanying booklet. The striking sleeve artwork was designed by Grammy-nominated Ernie Cefalu, also famed for creating the Rolling Stones iconic  lips and tongue logo.

Exclusives here include the bonus track “Clean The Water”, released in conjunction with the Wyland Foundation Clean Water Campaign in America, interview with the band members, a DVD featuring The Florida Rock Symphony Orchestra and a brand new track, “Prodigal Son”

Disc One is the 2000 studio album “Where We Started From”, Disc Two the 2002 live album “One Night In Mississippi”, Disc Three 2004 studio album “Test Of Time”, Disc Four “Rearranged” a collection of newly recorded versions of older songs, Disc Five “Revisited” a release from 2016 and the final disc of the six, “Bustin’ Out (DVD) 40th Anniversary Tour”.

“Reminiscing”, included here on the “One Night In Mississippi” CD, has gained more than five million plays on radio and is officially one of the most frequently played songs in the history of US radio, the highest achievement of any Australian [pop song internationally. One of John Lennon’s favourite songs, according to Albert Goldman’s biography on the ex-Beatle.

The current line-up is minus any original members, and one ex member went on to a bright solo career; John Farnham who is best known for his anthemic smash hit single, “You’re The Voice”. He was lead singer for Little River Band from 1982 to late 1985 on three albums. He was born in Dagenham, Essex and moved to Australia in 1959 when he was 10.  The most successful solo artist in the history of Australian rock and pop.

So many great moments on this gem of a collection, too many to single out here. If you are a LRB fan, I am sure I am preaching to the converted and this has been on pre-order for yonks. If they are new to you and you enjoy melodic, guitar-oriented rock, no better introduction to this band and their music.


By Christopher Weston



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