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Fairground Attraction: The First Of A Million Kisses: Expanded Edition (Cherry Red Records) Out Now


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A fabulous collection here. Great band. Great singer. Superb song writing. Two discs, 40 tracks in total, including nine previously unreleased recordings. What’s not to like? Based around the superb song writing skills of Mark Nevin, the band’s founder, and the unique voice of Eddi reader, Fairground Attraction established themselves as one of the UK’s favourite bands in the late 1980s, with the release of the classic single, “Perfect,” and its parent album, “The First Of A Million Kisses.”

The single and the album won Brit Awards in 1989, and the band toured extensively including a trip to Japan. They began preparing material for a second album, but within days of starting to record that record, the band fell apart and split.

This release captures the timeless, beautiful debut (and only) album, and 10 songs intended for its follow-up, including both live and never-heard studio recordings. Also included here are a selection of newly unearthed demos, including tracks destined for the debut album, and two tracks which weren’t included on the final record. The eight non-album tracks were only previously released on a long out of print “Live In Japan,” album.

The singles “Clare,” “A Smile And A Whisper,” and “Find My Love,” are included. The collection has been compiled with songwriter and band leader Mark Nevin. Sleeve notes feature interviews with Nevin and Reader.

Here’s a fabulous fact about the smash hit single “Perfect,” you may not know. Mark Nevin secured a publishing deal when he was a young man. For a five-song deal. He delivered those five songs and got paid. He penned a sixth song and in an effort to bag another £50 from the publishers, he offered them the extra song as an extension to the agreement. They declined. Big mistake….

That song was “Perfect,” and became a huge hit. A big pay day for the writer and the song’s publishers. The most costly £50 the publishers who rejected the song, NEVER spent!


By Simon Redley



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