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Backbone Cast: Power Within Ourselves EP (Live Rock Finland) 15th February

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


This five-track EP has grabbed the attention of a heck of a lot of radio DJs and producers who are showing it big love with lots of spins on blues and rock shows across the globe. This female fronted five-piece powerful rock blues outfit from Finland offer in yer face hard rock with a blues core.

With singer Hannah – we do not get to know her surname on the record credits or on their website – they have a formidable voice to help them attract attention. She joined forces with singer-songwriter Hata Salmi in 2015 to write together, and form a band true to their individual and collective influences.  They aimed to write “great blues rock songs with a modern twist.”

They are joined by Jani Kemppinen on Hammond organ and piano, Sami Vataja on bass and Jonny Oittinen on drums. All experienced and versatile musicians. They have a big sound and there is definitely chemistry between the five. Hannah has a gutsy, powerful vocal and it is a good fit for the rockin’ material; three cuts written by her and two co-written with Hata.

He is a very nice guitarist and his no-nonsense licks sit nicely next to the textured flavours of the organ and piano. Nothing is too bombastic in the mix and the production is  straightforward and uncomplicated.  

The material  overall is OK, but THE song to break them through is just not here. The first two tracks; the title song opens proceedings followed by “You Fool” – both singles.  Then we get “Forever,” and “All My Life To Give,” before the closer, “Like There Was No Hurt.”

They know how to nail a groove, how to make it powerful, passionate and authentic. Yes, it is a mainly retro sound. But the blend of influences from Hannah’s piano-focused compositions to Hata’s guitar-based work, fits together neatly. It’s a fairly decent calling card and shows some potential for future releases, where they can hopefully find their own sound and come up with that one killer song they badly need in such a crowded market as blues rock.  


By Simon Redley


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