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Undiscovered: White Rabbit Object & River Rabbitte…



Exciting Chicago band wht.rbbt.obj (pronounced “White Rabbit Object”) have dropped a fabulously soulful new track, “Your Love’s A Crime” – and if we had a “Track/Single of the Week/Month”, this would be a shoo-in for that recognition.

Great song, great production, great band, great backing vocals… But the lead vocal is simply stunning. If the likes of Amy Winehouse, Beth Hart and Janis Joplin are your bag, then get a load of River Rabbitte.

The core of the band is husband and wife duo Frank and River Rabbitte. “Your Love’s A Crime” is the cornerstone of the band’s new five-track EP, “”Romeo Bravo Bravo Tango” which came out at the end of June.

“Your Love’s A Crime” is a captivating blend of alt’ rock and psychedelic pop, or “Garage Soul”, as the band describe it.

The track blends sensuality and radio-friendly appeal through its rich vocal harmonies, lush sound, and heavy guitars.  The production on the track was recently compared to the late Steve Albini.


The band started as a covert side project by married couple Frank and River Rabbitte and has now evolved into their main creative project…


wht.rbt.obj has won performance and songwriting awards, and has performed at festivals including SXSW in Texas and Summerfest in Milwaukee. Their first EP, “Whiskey Hotel Tango,” released in 2023, received widepsread praise.

“Your Love’s A Crime” is a unique ode to “an amazing love.” Written by River Toussaint Rabbitte as a heartfelt tribute to her relationship with her husband and bandmate Frank, the song weaves sensuality and radio-friendly appeal seamlessly.

Bluesy and soul-infused in their own lane, and ripe for a major label and/or music publisher to snap ’em up and make ’em famous. We love them and tip them for big things with the right wind behind them – and there’s plenty of that stuff in the city of Chicago, right?



Words: Steve Best




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