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US Bubble Grunger Ryan Wright: One To Watch…



Virginia-based singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Wright drops her impressive, bang on-trend latest single, “Quarter Life Crisis” – a new direction “bubble grunge sound with punky production and an edge that cuts deep.”

The ear-wrom track is heavily influenced by female artists Mitski, Momma, Veruca Salt, and Blondshell, the result is a crossover between the grunge production of the 90s and the very female-led category of bubblegum pop. 

“Quarter Life Crisis” is off of Ryan’s upcoming EP which is due this summer, with a core theme of pessimism. Ryan reveals: “All of the lyrics are about conflicted feelings of wanting the good but hoping for the worst at the same time, wanting to feel secure in your relationships and in yourself, but also craving the drama and the downfalls; the trials and tribulations of a narcissist.”

You know what they say: Pessimists are never disappointed!



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