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US Jazz Star Dana Masters Is Rising…



“Dana’s wide-ranging musical influences are evident through her own unique sound. Her vocal dexterity spaces the spectrum from deeply meditative to soaring, soulful resonant highs.” Says who? Her former boss Sir Van Morrison, that’s who.

Dana Masters is a talented American soul and jazz singer, whose debut album “Real Good Mood” is due for release on 3rd May 2024. The first single “Rising,” written and produced by Dana and Cian Boylan, is out now.

Dana Masters was born and raised in the deep south of the United States of America by a family who ushered in and were deeply involved with the Civil Rights Movement of the 50’s and 60’s.

Granddaughter of a celebrated Civil Rights Activist, Dana’s music reflects the joy, sorrow, pain and delight of the human experience. Her work is equal parts meaningful and memorable, and soaked in “joy and inspiration.

“Dana fell into the Irish and UK Jazz scene at a young age. She seamlessly blends jazz with the music she grew up on [soul, funk, r&b and gospel]. A seasoned performer, Dana has performed for the Pope, former US President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hilary Clinton, and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In 2023, Dana presented a BBC Four music documentary, “My Name Is Ottilie”, a film that explored the British music pioneer’s life and career. In addition to her growing solo career, Dana spent seven-years touring with Van Morrison as a featured vocalist.


  • “Real Good Mood” features Keith Duffy on bass, Darren Beckett on drums, Ben Edwards on trumpet and with orchestral contributions from Liberty Orchestra led by Ken Rice. Mixed and mastered by Alessandro Di Camillo and Ruadhrí. The album was recorded in Camden Studios in Dublin, Ireland.


Photos by: Cherith Loper



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