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Welcome to our newest Zone: “Big Shots.” The title refers not only to the extremely talented music photographers we feature each time, but also to the six photographs each photographer chooses to showcase their skills.

We invite amazing camera creatives from around the world – from veteran guys and gals whose images of iconic famous bands and artists have been seen globally for decades, to new and exciting young professionals who are star snappers of the future.

We also showcase the best of today’s most respected names in music photography – to choose half a dozen shots from their own archive, and tell us why they chose each picture.

The photographs they choose can be live concert and/or festival shots, portraits and/or candid backstage images. We also offer a brief bio of each photographer.

  • The latest photographer we are very happy to feature in “Big Shots” is Steve Thorne…




After a career in corporate sales and project management with companies such as BUPA, Aviva and AXA, Steve changed direction and joined Redferns Music Picture Library as a freelance photographer, when legendary David Redfern was at the helm.

Then in 2011, David sold Redferns to Getty Images and Steve has been with Getty ever since as a freelance contributor.

He has received commissions from the Times, Guardian, News of the World, Birmingham Symphony Hall, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Laney Amplification, Marshall Amps and many more during his career.

Steve’s work is published globally, and he has had many exclusives. A regular covering such festivals as Cheltenham Jazz, Cropredy and Download.

  • Steve with legendary photographer Jill Furmanovsky – Dublin 2004 / Right: Oxfordshire 2023





Steve has chosen images of: Snoop Dogg, Ravi Shankar, Bryan Ferry, Keith Flint, Kirk Hammett and George Michael.



Snoop Dogg – Arriving at the arena, there were lots of police with dogs trying to sniff out drugs on the fans. It was obvious they’d failed in their mission, as the sight and smell of a huge cloud of ‘sweet’ smoke was drifting throughout the huge building! Snoop was puffing away throughout his set, swaggering around the stage in his trademark cool manner. A joy to photograph…



Ravi Shankar – I was very honoured to be able to photograph the legendary Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar. He also taught Beatle George Harrison to play the sitar, and performed a mesmerising 45-minute set at Woodstock. His daughter Anoushka, who I have also worked with, is a renowned contemporary and classical sitar player, with nine Grammy award nominations.



Bryan Ferry – As a teenager I was mad about Roxy Music, and they were the first band I saw live as a young kid in 1975. I’ve photographed Roxy, and Bryan solo on a few occasions, and they always give me a special thrill when watching them perform from the photo pit. Bryan Ferry is such a fascinating front-man, with his quirky movements and facial expressions.



Keith Flint, The Prodigy – This show was at a relatively small venue, and the energy was almost overwhelming. The audience were going berserk. It was difficult to know who or what to photograph as the action was all over the place, with Keith and Maxim using every square foot of the stage. I was very lucky to come away with any usable shots!



Kirk Hammett, Metallica – Taken at one of the big festivals a few years ago, the lighting was so good it almost looks like a studio setup!. The unique artwork on his guitar, reflecting his love of classic old horror movies, adds a bit of extra interest.



George Michael – The consummate professional, George was one of the greatest singers I’ve ever seen. I think the photographers were as mesmerised as the audience, with his effortless delivery and beautiful voice. A very sad loss. I am very grateful to have seen and photographed him.




  • More “Big Shots” coming very soon…





Festival crowd from the ‘big wheel’ photo [top of page] credit: Katja Ogrin




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