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Introducing: Alex Maher…



Alex Maher. He is a new name to us, but we flipping love the gorgeous new ear-worm track: “Red Planet” from this mega talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer from Canada.

He uses loops, programming, organic guitars, sax’ [he is a super player], keys, synths and e-drums to create his musical magic, and a sweet soulful voice too. Who says men can’t multi skill?

Over to Alex to introduce himself and his music:

“My name is Alex Maher and I’m a Filipinx-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and loop artist, based in Winnipeg. My music fuses classic soul influences, funk, electro-pop, and jazz chops, and my songwriting explores human connection in the modern age.

The song “Red Planet” began as a producer-artist collaboration with the producer polun (a.k.a Terence Lam). I had been on the road a lot, away from my family and friends, and while writing this song I was in Calgary for the Canadian Music Incubator, a five-week artist entrepreneurship program.

“The last few years have been full of change – both for me personally, but on a more global level, too. I was reflecting on both the noise of everything around me and the emotions that came out of feeling powerless to help.

“Every night as I commuted back to my temporary home in Calgary, I was aware of a constant companion just above the horizon: the planet Mars. Out of that came a metaphor. When we give in to helplessness, we breed depression and in effect self-isolate.

“This song is about getting out of that orbit, being accountable, and proactive. I hope this song encourages self-reflection. What can we do to move away from that which alienates us from each other and foster something more loving and vibrant instead? Everyone will come to their own conclusions and, at the very least, find a vibe they’ll want to come back to.”

We will be coming back to Alex and his music in the future, as we tip him as “one to watch”…




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