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Introducing: The Derevolutons…



Our fave track of the moment? This one. Quirky US duo The The Derevolutions and the fab’ and aptly titled: “I Love This Music”.

Vibes of The B-52s, Tom Tom Club, The Ting Tings, Devo, Barnes & Barnes (Bonkers 1978 track “Fish Heads”), a wee bit Zappa-ish on the experimental side, a flavour of a Malcolm McLaren production too, and perhaps even…Well, you decide!

Boston-based The Derevolutions are Brett Boucher: Vocals, drums, guitar, production, arrangements and artwork, and Ana Karina DaCosta: Vocals .

Over to Brett: “IMO this is one of the greatest songs The Derevolutions will ever make. I hope you’ll share it because we’re so underappreciated despite being one of the best and most unique recording artists in the world.

“It’s a nine-minute psychedelic pop collage that starts minimal and cycles through just about every genre we’ve ever touched, and ends with the biggest musical orgasm you could imagine. Surf, funk, disco, indie rock/pop, hip hop, soul/doo wop and post punk.

“The lyrics are self referential to the creation, recording and production of the song as an ultimate testament to our profound love for creating innovative and inspiring music that can’t be fit (sic) into any category, aside our own. Not only do our songs not sound like anyone else, but most of our instruments and keyboards are synthesized from our own voices.

“Also listen for the funny lyric of, “Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem are playing at my house on my big TV” (lol). I love those guys. But this song is almost like The Avalanches or Daft Punk and Gorillaz were a rock band with a boy and girl. We both live together and record in our home with our little kid.”

There is a treasure trove of superbly eclectic and eccentric tracks online by The Derevolutions from across the years, if you ever fancy a trip down that particular rabbit hole. We’d thoroughly recommend it – and that goes for A&R guys and gals too. Sign ’em up!

P.S. Check out their great track “Cheetah”, below… 



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