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The ‘I Guess I’m Changing’ music video from Dutch/British composer, producer, and visual artist Tessa Rose Jackson (aka Someone) was selected for the Tribeca Film Festival, New York, screened three times as part of their ‘Shorts’ programme.

“It was the most surreal thing.” explains Someone “As a huge film lover, the Tribeca seal of approval is always a big green must-go-see-this-film-now! flag, and the fact that our completely self-funded, independent little mini-movie will be screening alongside all these new future classics is simply mind-boggling.

“Every single person on this team just gave their all – moving and thinking far beyond any reasonable expectation. Making little pockets of make-believe with this team is always labour of love and I do believe that shines through!”

The video featuring Hannah Mason, was made by Tessa Rose Jackson alongside up-and-coming Hollywood director David Spearing and team, and is from a series of sci-fi inspired cinematic visuals the duo has created to accompany the critically acclaimed genre-spanning songs Tessa Rose Jackson makes under her musical mantle ‘Someone’.

‘I Guess I’m Changing’ video depicts an android working in a postal factory and is inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick, as well as drawing heavily from Apple TV’s ‘Severance’ and Netflix ‘Maniac’ series in its futuristic minimalist aesthetic and exploration of the human condition.

“This song and video are about rediscovering yourself and daring to break a pattern, to accept a chance in yourself and feel free in the journey” explains Someone, “The postal worker lives the same loop every day until she a postcard with a picture of a beautiful beach and she starts to realize there may be a bigger, wider world out there. Bit by bit, she starts to break the rules of her rigidly structured life, until finally she manages to break free.”

“We wanted to say something about being caught in the mundane routine, whatever that is, and how to break free of that” adds director and long-term collaborator David Spearing. “How the smallest, most seemingly insignificant thing could pull your whole world apart (in a positive way). A nice melancholy idea… set to the most beautiful song.”

‘I Guess I’m Changing’ received an Honourable Mention as a semi-finalist entry at Benelux Film Festival, with the creative duo of Jackson and Spearing having previously won an LA Film Award for ‘Best New Music’ for their ‘Shapeshifter’ video in 2021.

‘I Guess I’m Changing’ is taken from Someone’s critically acclaimed current album ‘Owls’ (2023) which began life as a screenplay inspired by a road trip around America’s forgotten towns and the surrealist shadow worlds of director David Lynch, before morphing into an otherworldly record, blending beautiful song writing craft with an expansive psych-pop sound and 90s and 00s trip-hop influences.

  • Someone will embark on a headline UK/Europe tour in October and November, with performances booked at various European festivals.


11 October The Workmans Cellar, Dublin

12 October: Winthrop Avenue, Cork

13 October: Ulster Sports Club, Belfast

14 October: Poetry Club, Glasgow

15 October: Polar Bear Music Club, Hull

17 October: Old Woollen, Leeds

18 October: Gullivers, Manchester

19 October: The Parish, Huddersfield

20 October: Jimmy’s, Liverpool

27 October: The Six Six Bar, Cambridge

29 October: Crofters Rights, Bristol

3 November: Folklore, London




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