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Diss Track By Canada’s TANDM…



Fab new track. TANDM and “2quick2trust”. Really addictive. TANDM are a Toronto indie pop-rock band consisting of Thomas Franklin and Maxine Beck-Sinderby.

Maxine tells us this is their “first diss track.” Inspired from negative experiences in the pair’s music and personal lives, where many have tried to take advantage.

“From having people try to steal our music, take advantage of our band, take advantage of us as humans – this is our response. When starting TANDM, both Thomas and I were very young and naive to the music scene, and some of the bad people in it.

“Our kindness, generosity and innocence were taken advantage of, and that put us in a really bad place for confidence and trust in the music industry. “2quick2trust” is a confident clap back at those who have wronged us in the past, proving that all they were to us was nameless and song material.”

Thomas and Maxine worked with Akash Jones and Bronte Brazier, as well as their good friend Evelyn Lougheed (who drew the single artwork) for the “2quick2trust” video.

A hand drawn (by Evelyn) comic-style story about a princess who bravely escapes a castle (where she was held captive), only to have a Prince Charming knight show up in the final seconds, who tries to take credit for her escape/work.

Maxine again: “I have always wanted to write an angrier song, but having such a soft voice has made the realization of that vision difficult. One lesson we took away from “2quick2trust” was that with enough creativity, we can accomplish anything.

“We were able to write a song that both Thomas and I believe hits the nail on the head, gets our message across and also conveys enough insult without removing the sweet vocal style.

“By distorting our bass, adding aggressive drum fills (recorded on Timothy Abraham’s Studer A80 2″ 16 Track open reel recorder) and building powerful chord progression and melody, we were able to give it a real punch.”

Photo by Kate Dockeray



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