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Vivi Thill. Talented 20-year-old London-based pop artist and songwriter who drops her ear-worm quirky debut single, “don’t break the heart of a songwriter” (stylised lower case), and the video – which we @ Music Republic Magazine think is a hit waiting to happen.

Check out the fun official video, below. 

Finishing her last year at BIMM London, Vivi is inspired by the likes of UPSAHL and Taylor Swift. We hear a similarity to the wonderful Sigrid and to global superstar Olivia Rodrigo. Maybe nods to Maggie Rogers, too. But Vivi has her own sound and it’s bang-on trend for today’s pop market.

Vivi has collaborated with a range of artists across the world, co-writing songs including “Uber” with Leia Jules, which has notched up in excess of 370k+ streams on Spotify.

  • Her banger of a second single, “i don’t like my birthday”, which we have had an exclusive sneak preview of, arrives on 8th June 2022. Another radio-ready potential hit.

If you like the gloriously unique Baby Queen (aka Bella Latham), you’ll probably love Vivi’s sophomore single.

Vivi’s well crafted self-penned material is lyric-driven, and she writes from personal experiences, and nails the hook to ensure we’ll all spend hours humming, whistling or singing her tunes long after first listen. The debut single is a shoo-in for mainstream national radio, surely?

Since performing her first original song on stage at just 13-years-old, Vivi has been honing her performance skills playing shows in her homeland, Germany – she is from Cologne – and her current home, London.

“don’t break the heart of a songwriter” is she says, a song for all over-thinkers, hopeless romantics, and day-dreamers. “It’s a song for everyone who still can’t get rid of their ex’s blue shirt, for everyone who over-analyses moments of past relationships, and for everyone who would love to get just a bit of revenge on someone who hurt them!”.



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