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Claire Littley is only four releases in and has already notched up several million hits – her music being compared to the likes of Lisa Stansfield and George Michael.

The latest release, out today (9th Feb 2022), is the single “Change The Game” – a soulful, feel-good pop song focusing on the hot topic of diversity, gender, and life’s ‘game changers’.

London-based singer-songwriter Claire says: ” ‘Change The Game’ is a song about the ones who are ‘different; the ‘square pegs in round holes’. Often misunderstood, they try to ‘play the game’ and fit into ‘socially conditioned ‘norms’ but that’s not who they really are…

“The song is a call to be strong, stand proud and own your differences. The people that do this often ‘change the game’. They lay a path for future generations to a brighter future and help us to celebrate uniqueness.”

Claire is the voice behind the performance of “Fly Me To The Moon” featured on “Neon Genesis Evangelion”; the hugely successful Japanese anime. Her version has been streamed hundreds of millions of times.

There was a long hiatus in Claire’s music career after her partner passed away following a tragic accident. This has had a deep and lasting impact which saw her withdraw from music.

Since starting songwriting just over a year ago, Claire has created enough songs for several albums.

She has released four songs since August last year (2021), and with the last two, “Bye Bye Girl” and “Moving Too Fast” (video below…), she also did the final mix and mastering herself.

An album is in the pipeline and live shows will happen later in 2022.



  • Here is the video to her recent single, “Moving Too Fast”:




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