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Undiscovered: Italy’s Addict and Rewind…



Addict and Rewind are a pair of talented Italy-based independent producers and singer-songwriters who premiere their radio-friendly new track, “I Dream Too Much”.

They have notched up an incredible 40 million-plus streams with no record label, management or PR support in just over a year since they formed their musical partnership.

Addict is Federico Martelli and Rewind is Angelo Pio Bagordo, who first started making on-line music together in June 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, and they write, record, produce and mix their own work; influenced by alternative pop, indie and lo-fi sources.

Their first collaboration, “I Met You At The Station”, achieved more than 2.5m streams, the track included in more than 25,000 playlists globally.

Their new single “I Dream Too Much”, focuses on how young people often dream of a future or relationships “with open eyes,” and sends the message, go for it, dream big and never give up.

We say: these young guys are worth keeping an eye on, and their latest single is worthy of a sync’ deal for TV, commercials and movie soundtracks. Molto bene!




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