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Folk Legend Judy Collins: New Live Album Due Soon…




Hear Judy Collins sing live as she returns to the place of her concert debut…

With her crystalline voice as good as it was six decades ago and defying her 82-years of age, and her keen ear for great material, Judy Collins has always forged ahead.

Recorded at New York City’s Town Hall in March 1964, the Elektra Records album, “The Judy Collins Concert”, saw Collins graduate from folk clubs to a theatre setting for the first time.

The album marked a turning point in her career. It was indeed the then twenty-four-year-old singer’s first concert.

Which is to say, her first appearance in a theatre. This was a big step up for a performer just releasing her third album and moving from a traditional repertoire to one consisting largely of songs written by her contemporaries, many of them having a political bent.

So rather than sing tracks from her three preceding studio albums, Collins focussed on recent songs by such writers as Tom Paxton and Billy Edd Wheeler. “The Judy Collins Concert” is a snapshot of the era, with a grace and beauty that remain timeless.

Still forging ahead, for today Collins has recreated, or rather revitalised, her legendary concert debut.

Collins’ new show was recorded once again at the Town Hall in New York, for a virtual gig broadcast February 12th 2021.

It now gets its deserved digital album release, as “Judy Collins: Live At The Town Hall, NYC”, on Judy’s own label, Wildflower Records, digitally, on 27th August 2021.

A lover of songs, songwriters, and the issues they write about, Judy Collins says today: “What a time that was in 1964. I was very nervous, since my record company decided to record this concert and put it out as an album [the 1964 album].

“It was such a tumultuous time in the world. The Vietnam war was rolling along, breaking into thunder and lightning and anxiety and pain.

“People were burning their draft board cards, trying to get to Canada and facing up to going to Vietnam where many of them would die.

“It feels right to go back to the material and time period now, with the knowledge and life-lessons learned today.”



Here’s the full track listing:

Winter Sky

My Ramblin’ Boy


Me And My Uncle

Wild Rippling Water

Mr Tambourine Man

Both Sides Now

Cruel Mother

Coat Tattoo

Last Thing On My Mind

John Riley

Send In The Clowns




Judy Collins portraits and live shot: Ian Shipley





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