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One to watch for sure, is 20-year-old singer-songwriter Alexis Lynn – an impressive pop and r&b artist from Vancouver, Canada.

We really like her new single, “Ghost”, and for on-trend, uber-commercial, radio-friendly appeal, this singer and this track has got it goin’ on.

The official video is a real DIY affair after Covid halted plans for a full blown production. So Alexis decided to shoot her own promo’ video for “Ghosts”.

With an old basic digital camera, a bunch of white sheets, some LED strips, her grandma’s “old above-ground basement”, and a vision in her head – “with absolutely no idea how to execute it”, she set to work. A friend filmed as Alexis “directed on the fly and tried to describe what I saw in my head” – and then spent the last week editing it all together.

The song is inspired from memories of going to an event by herself for the first. “I remember standing at the back of the room, feeling so insignificant and small. I felt like I wasn’t interesting, smart, pretty, or experienced enough.

“Even though on the outside you couldn’t tell, the social anxiety felt like it was just swallowing me. I found by talking to other people that we are not so different from each other; everyone has those fears and doubts sometimes. It can be comforting and reassuring to share those feelings.

“No matter how confident or put together someone seems, we all experience loneliness. ‘Ghosts’ recognises those insecurities, finding hope in the realisation that we are not alone in feeling these emotions”.




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