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The Big Quarantine Ensemble: OneRepublic’s Song I Lived- “Must-See” Lockdown Video…

BB King with Matt Schofield



The Big Quarantine Ensemble brought together more than 50 musicians – many are stars in the global blues scene – from all over the world.

All working remotely during lockdown, to participate in this ambitious project to create and record a song and video to raise funds to support NHS charities in the UK.

They chose the song “I Lived”, originally performed by the band OneRepublic, and written by their lead singer Ryan Tedder and producer/songwriter Noel Zancanella.

The BQE version was arranged and produced by the UK-based Italian Cinelli Brothers, Marco and Alessandro.

The video was produced by Tom Sandall. See it at the bottom of this page…

British-born, US-based blues guitar star Matt Schofield is the main guitarist on the track (pictured above with one of his heroes, BB King).

How does Matt feel about the project and how it turned out? Let’s ask him:

“I think it’s really cool, and a lot of effort, love and creativity went into making this happen. Delighted to have been a part of this epic track with my lovely and talented friends The Cinelli Brothers, and more than 50 other musicians from around the world”. 

Matt is dead right – it is COOL. A wonderful achievement by all of those involved – the end result is a cracking job….There’s deep groove and a slinky New Orleans/Neville Brothers feel to the track.

A very commercial and infectious sound too, and we can see this getting to the top of the charts in various countries, if a major record label got behind it. Seriously.

Bravo all………………..



The credits for those musicians and artists who you see on the video and contributed are:


Drums: Nanni Cinelli (London – UK), Giuseppe D’Ortona (Rome -Italy), Percussion: DreZone (London – UK), Dan Hale (London- UK), Yuri Prado (São Paulo – Brazil).

Sound FX: LittleA (Paris- France), Daniel Monaco (Amsterdam -Netherlands), Hand Claps: Tom Sandall (London-UK), Artie & Jake Zaitz (London-UK).

Bass: Enzo Strano (London-UK).

Electric guitar: Matt Schofield (Jupiter – USA), Susan Santos (Madrid – Spain), Mike Dorman (Memphis – USA), Slide Guitar: Oliver Darling (London-UK).

Piano: Dom Pipkin (London-UK), Organ: Joe Mac (London-UK).

Trombone: Tom George White (UK), Tenor sax’: Peter Back (London-UK), Trumpet: Dave Boraston (London-UK), Baritone sax’: Ian Bumstead (London- UK), Tuba: Eliezer Tristao (São Paulo-BRAZIL).

Harmonica: Giles Robson (London – UK), Tollak (Groningen – Netherlands).

Vocals (in order of appearance): Marco Cinelli (London-UK), Tom JJ (London-UK), Georgia Van Etten (Melbourne-Australia), Izzy Thomas (London-UK), Tommy Hare (London-UK), Tiago Guy (São Paulo-Brazil), Tollak (Groningen-Netherlands), Jo Champ (Paris-France), Yann Cole (Paris-France).

Vocals (in order of appearance) – continued: Jade Williams (London-UK), Budda Guedes (Braga-Portugal), Martínez (Tossa de mar-Spain), Jordan Susanto (Jacarta-Indonesia), Helen Hurd (London-UK), Mike Dorman (Memphis-USA), Paul Shine (London-UK), Igor Pichon (Nantes-France).

Vocals (in order of appearance) – continued: Kenny Wesley (Washington DC-USA), Rossano Gabrielli (London-UK), Allison Mareek & Stephen Giry (Paris-France), Livia Ferri (Roma-Italy), Mimmo Cinelli (Latina-Italy), Tiffany Twisted (London-UK), Heidi Burson (Nashville -USA), Ashleigh Brown (Maryland-USA), Ben Lee (London-UK).





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