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We do like different at Music Republic Magazine. Neave Zaria is different. Unusual voice. Perhaps some subtle nods to Amy. But something different goin’ on.

Debut single “If I See You” has just dropped for streaming and download. Video to go with it, is below.

Big voice with heaps of passion for an 18-year-old. Based just outside London, Neave Zaria gave an invite to attend X Factor boot camp the swerve when she was just 14, despite  producers’ attempts to change her mind.

But she had her sights set on a destination much further away. Mongolia! A planned school trip which for her, was the experience of a life-time.

But music was always her main focus from a young age, and since her travels, Neave has been honing her chops, recording her own music and eventually spotted by a producer who took her under his wing.

Playing violin at eight, then piano before teaching herself guitar and trumpet. But singing was where she felt most comfortable. Singing for family and friends for many years, developing her style.

A husky, smoky, soul-soaked voice with a big range that defies her young age and youthful speaking voice. Neave channels influences such as Nina Simone and Jorja Smith,  and was transfixed by the late Amy Winehouse as a child, singing along to her when Neave was only seven or eight years old.

Dreaming of one day making music to inspire people, just like the great singers who inspired her. With heartfelt passion, she will tell you: “I want to touch people emotionally because that’s what music is to me, it’s a language of the soul”. You better believe she will, too.

Well, if Neave’s impressive debut offering is anything to go by, it’s a flipping good start in her quest to make her mark in music. “If I See You”: A song about how the passage of time changes the way you feel, but never changes who you really are inside.

Inspired by a chance encounter at a large garden party, where Neave stood up and sang  an a cappella version of Sir Elton John’s classic “Your Song”. A producer who happened to be in attendance, was “blown away” by her performance and offered to help Neave write and produce songs. They have been working together as a creative team ever since.

There are plans for a few more singles this year, and her debut album is slated for Autumn 2020 release. Raw talent with much potential, and we say she’s “one to watch”. You can bank on us doing just that, too.

Visit Neave’s website here:

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