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Happy 3rd Birthday To Music Republic Magazine!!!




Music Republic Magazine is three years old today!!! Where has that time gone? Well, a lot has happened in the last 36 months. (But no mention of politics here though, eh?)

So if we wind back to October 2016, someone had this crazy idea to start a digital music magazine from scratch, and launch it before Christmas that year. Impossible?

No name. No website. No web designer. No graphic designer. No content. No problem!

So a plan was devised. A “Mission Statement” of sorts was jotted down and the priority was strict quality control and to cover most genres of music, and avoid the usual narrow choice of bands/artists and music that many music publications will give support to.

A top team was quickly assembled by the editor/publisher from his extensive media career, and the long days and nights began until there was a solid body of quality content to show and the perfect name was decided upon. The project was kept top secret too, for greater impact.

So. At bang on 9pm on 15th December 2016, just under two months from the initial idea and that decision to go for it, Music Republic Magazine sprang into life.

Here we are, three years later, 15th December 2019, celebrating our third birthday with jelly and ice cream, a mountain of cup cakes and gallons of fizzy “pop”, far too many balloons and streamers galore – with big cheesy grins on our faces here at MRM HQ.

Three Million Hits…and growing…

From zero hits on day one to fast approaching 3,000,000 today in just three years, and growing every day with a global reach, we have access to more and more top end artists and bands, for interviews, gig reviews, album reviews and much more. But we never forget the new and up-and-coming bands and artists too, and pride ourselves in discovering new talent before others do, and giving them coverage and encouragement.

We have brought you many exclusives – from hot news, to video premieres, new tracks and exclusive interviews. We have brought you some fantastic columnists too…

We launched a Comedy Zone on our last birthday, and so we cover music and comedy since then. Just about the only music genres we leave to others are classical and “easy listening”. The rest – if it is hot stuff – is pretty much fair game.

We have built up a wonderful team of dedicated contributors across the UK and overseas, including the USA. Quality writers and photographers, and we have the sharpest webmaster in our Charlie! In the last three years, I doubt we have lost more than a few of hours in downtime, due to technical issues or maintenance. Charlie’s on the case. Yaaaay!

We are always happy to hear from new writers and photographers, by the way…..For one-off pitches to regular contributions. That’s experienced peeps as well as those just starting out. We can spot talent at 20 paces, blindfolded!

But we cannot do what we do – to bring our readers quality coverage of the biggest, the newest and the most exciting  new bands and artists, without the access. That is down to the help we get from all the artists, songwriters, producers, musicians, record labels, music PRs, pluggers, publicists, music managers, promoters, venues, festivals and more, all over the world. We sincerely thank you for your help and your trust in us to do a good job.

Big props must go to our writers and photographers (past and present), who have helped deliver an array of top quality, five-star content for our first three years in action. More of the same please guys and girls….

Thanks To You Dear Readers….

However, the biggest thanks must go to our readers.  The ones who found us back in 2016 and stuck with us. The new ones who find us via their fave artist’s social media and like what they see. And our future readers. You are all very welcome and in the words of a rather annoying song that outstayed its welcome at # 1 in the UK chart a few years ago…. “Everything we do, we do for you!” It’s true.

So, as we reach this three year milestone, it is an appropriate moment to look back at the “Best Of 2019”, to give credit where credit is due and to look ahead to 2020.

The editor, writers and photographers, put their heads together and came up with a definitive list of who’s red hot this year, and who deserves all the hugs and kisses, metaphorically…

So we have selected our Best Album, Best EP, Best Live Act, Best Festival, Best Male Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Band, Best New Artist, Best Live Album, Best Guitarist, Best Acoustic Artist, Best Book, Best Music Video, Best Producer, Best Song/Songwriters, Best interviewee and if that were not enough; we tip who we think will break through big in the next year.

We also name one mega artist who we all feel more than deserves the nod for “Lifetime Achievement” recognition. Plus, we applaud those who we voted: “Hot Contenders” in each category, who narrowly missed out on the main “Best Of” vote.

How Good Were Our Tips For 2019?

Among our tips from this time a year ago, were Larkin Po, Mahalia, The Wandering Hearts and Twinnie. All of whom are doing very well in the UK and overseas, including the US.  We were spot on.

After far too many mince pies and games of Monopoly, we will all be back on the case at the start of the new year, 2020, to do it all over again. To bring you yet more FREE and fresh news, reviews and more. We will also be launching a brand new Zone on the site in January. You are gonna love it!

www.musicrepublicmagazine.com   =   The perfect antidote for those Brexit blues!!!!! (OK, I know we said we’d not mention politics here……Soz!)


Thanks for a fantastic third year, y’all…and here’s to a great new one in 2020.

Lots of love

The Editor – and all at Music Republic Magazine xxx


  • Our “Best Of 2019” round-up is coming on Saturday 21st December in our Features Zone…….It will be well worth waiting for!!!



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