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Undiscovered: Jana – A Voice With The Wow Factor!



What good is a good song, if the voice that sings it does not hold your attention? But a good song in the right vocal hands, can be made into a great song with the right singer.

A singer’s job is to connect with their listener, and to tap into the emotions. I always say, good music is what emotions sound like.

Why am I banging on about music theory, sat over here in pseud’s corner, you may ask? Go on then, ask……………..

Well, I will tell you. Jana.  That’s why. Jana.

Every now and then, along comes a voice that stops traffic. It can be any genre. It can sooth. It can make you smile and cry. But above all else, it will make you remember the name and also, the place and time you first heard that voice.

Jana is a case in point.

Who is Jana? I’ll tell you, I promise, but first….please take a listen to her stunningly beautiful instrument, on the two videos below. No need to read on, just yet.

Let the music speak for itself and then you’ll know this woman has got it going on. You may not have heard of her yet, but you really do need to.


This is her debut single, “Birdhouse”. A happy, sweet folk feel to it, with a stunning vocal. Pretty and quite infectious.



This is the follow-up and current single, “Gift”. Once you hear her voice, you’l know that this title is most apt. She certainly has one…



“Gift” is a dreamy and ethereal indie pop tune “inspired by Lana Del Rey’s music and the mysterious moods of the Twin Peaks series”, about how stars and fire doesn’t just belong to the Gods. It’s quite mesmerising.

Sound: Bill Sellar of TruPeak Audio. Recorded by Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios. Jana Vargova: Rhodes piano & vocals, Aubin Vanns: guitar, Pete Gavin: bass and Ben Brown: drums. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7hQfT4… 

Jana is a London-based singer-songwriter and pianist. Her voice – perhaps the tone and phrasing – has been favourably compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell. If so, that’d be early Joni, in folk-rock mode.

Iinfluenced by Sting, Paul Simon and the folk-rock greats. There’s a hint of modern country about her, too. Recording at a studio originally built for Mike Oldfield, Jana teamed up with top musicians on the London jazz scene to make her debut single, which has gained positive response.

She has a definite folk vibe, but it is far more than just that genre. Hard to pigeon hole, in fact. Which is how it should be. Hints of prog’ rock too, and the likes of Karen Carpenter, Clannad’s Moya Brennan, Enya, Sally Barker and perhaps Vonda Shepherd all spring to mind, on hearing this gorgeous vocal talent. She’s right up there with those stars in quality, too.

I’ll not apologise for being a tad late to the party with this artist. I was first approached by her way back in early 2018, I think, and loved what I heard. All set to publish a “One To Watch” piece on her…

But  lost the entire feature with an IT crash. Sob, sob…..Meant to re-visit it, but never did. Wind forward to July 2019 and Jana digitally taps me on the shoulder and says, hey, remember me? Indeed I do. How could I forget….

So, here we are. Better late than never…..Introducing Ms Jana and her Lanterns. High time the world found out about such a gifted singer and songwriter. Major labels, major record producers, radio and TV producers, soundtrack music supervisors….here she is……

Oh, before I go, make sure to check out Lana’s EP, “Lanterns”, due for release 6th September 2019. Four tracks, including the two you hear here, “Birdhouse” and “Gift”.  Plus, “Religious In Hollywood” and “Dunes (radio edit)”. The latter cut is wonderful, and will do well for her if it is picked up by radio play-listers. It should be, if they have ears and a soul….


By Simon Redley (Editor)







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