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Undiscovered: Huey Blue



There’s a steady stream of sweet ‘n’ soulful stuff coming from ‘Down Under’ right now; and it doesn’t get much sweeter than blue-eyed soul boy Huey Blue.

The up and coming solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Hugh Tait juggles a few balls in the air, musically. But his second single “The Chase” – under the moniker Huey Blue – should help to put him on the map in his own right.

His brand of modern soul combines classic ‘70s pop/rock with pinches of folk, surf, jazz, dub and hip-hop. “The Chase” is a cut from the upcoming album “Friday Anxiety”, slated for  release later this year.

The single – follow up to his debut solo single “Switchblade” which won widespread critical acclaim after its release in May 2018 – was recorded in Byron Bay, Australia, with producer Jake Walsh and features some gorgeous sax’ work from Sean McKenzie. Huey’s infectious falsetto gets a good workout on the track.

The self-penned song follows a relationship in turmoil. Huey says: “The thrill of the chase begets unruly behavior. When bad decisions perpetuate on both sides, the strongest of bonds can eventually crumble”.




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Q & A: Huey Blue


  1. Your name and your age?

Hugh Tait, 26.


  1. Where you were born and where you are based now?

Born in Australia, based in Byron bay, Australia.


  1. Instruments you play?

Bass Guitar, Guitar.


  1. Age when you started in music and what was your first public performance?

8 years old. My first public performance was for my local junior school rock band, ripping one-string solos to Bob Dylan’s ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’.


  1. What song or artist lit the flame inside you to want to be a musician/artist.

Fleetwood Mac.


  1. First song you wrote, at what age and what was it called, and what inspired it?

Hmm, probably something resembling a Jack Johnson tune. Whatever it was, it can remain a mystery. No grammy noms for that jam. Probably around early high school.


  1. How many songs have you written (estimate) since you wrote your first one?

I’ve probably been involved with a couple hundred or so through solo and band projects.


  1. Do you write alone or with co-writers? If co-writers, who?

I spent many years writing songs with The Vernons. I am looking forward to the prospect of writing with others however at this stage most initial writing is done alone.


  1. Do you write lyrics and music? Which comes first?

Music first. Lyrics follow as a stream of consciousness that eventually makes sense.


  1. Bullet points of your music career/achievements to-date?

Bassist for The Vernons: 2012- Present

Performed at Big Day out 2013.

The band’s debut EP, Volume I, released in 2013, was produced by Yanto Browning (The Medics, Art of Sleeping, Mosman Alder) and its first single, “Standing in Line”, reached the top of the iTunes Blues chart.

Second single, “White Wine”, spawned a noteworthy video which quietly generated 350,000 views on YouTube.

Third single “Shake ‘n’ Roll” from the EP was later featured in a T-Mobile advertising campaign in the United States.

Supported the likes of Wolfmother, Gang of Youths, Jungle Giants, The Rubens.

Solo project: 2017- Present

Sold out performance at YeahNah Festival, Brisbane, Australia, March 2018.

Currently recording debut album with Jake Walsh in Byron Bay, Australia.


  1. What music has been released so far? And what format and dates?


Collaboration EP w/ Benjamin Brown (Forest Fires) – 2017.

Two singles off my debut album, Friday Anxiety:

Switchblade – June 2018.

The Chase – August 2018.


  1. Name your 3 main influences?

Mother, Father, Close Friends.


  1. How do you describe your own music style to a stranger who asks: “what kind of music do you play/sing”?

Music that hypothetically sounds like Fleetwood Mac’s youngest cousin who always wanted dreadlocks.


  1. Who are you listening to right now; bands/artists?

In the past 24 hours: The Midnight Hour, Tom Misch, Leon Bridges, Travis Scott.


  1. Who would be your dream collaboration as a songwriter and as an artist; naming one living and one deceased person to write with and to record or to perform on stage with?

Writing w/ Ludwig Goransson & Donald Glover.

Performing w/ The Beatles in the early 60s.


  1. What do you want your music to say about you?

That I’m trying to kick ass.


  1. Best compliment you have read or heard about you and your music so far?

That I’m the perfect amount on the spectrum.


  1. Do you want to be famous?

For the right reasons, so my music is heard and I obtain a platform to share others.



  1. How many gigs have you done and where (countries or towns and cities if only UK).

Performances across the East Coast of Australia.


  1. Strangest gig you have done?

Lawnmower racing carnival. One of the greatest days ever.


  1. Best moment in music so far?

Playing at Big Day Out in 2013.


  1. Worst?

Working a day job.


  1. Day jobs you have done…………………?

I am a Pharmacist.

Yes. I’ve heard all the jokes before.


  1. Your favourite musician joke (or any joke if not music-related)?

See Q23.


  1. Pet ‘hate’?

These Q&A’s.


  1. Guilty secret?

I don’t mind these Q&A’s.


  1. What two recordings could you not live without if you were stuck on a desert island?

“Dillalude #2” by  Robert Glasper,  and another long song; maybe, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by CCR.


  1. If you believed in reincarnation; who or what would you want to come back as?



  1. Plans for rest of this year and next year?

Finish mixing the album! Then have a listening party.

I’m involved with a new band called LAYER CAKE. We’ll be releasing some tunes, produced by Matt Redlich (Ball Park Music, Holy Holy, Emma Louise) very soon.

Performing with BEN SHOCK and the WAVES.

Record new music with THE VERNONS.

Producing new beats with BENJAMIN BROWN.


  1. Please provide a short personal message to our readers, as to why they should listen to your music and/or go see you live.

 ENERGY !! I try to capture as much energy into my recordings as possible, and hopefully this passes through to my live shows. Every show should be an experience, and I endeavour to give honest and eclectic pieces of art.




EDITOR’s NOTE: We will be taking a listen to Huey Blue’s debut solo album “Friday Anxiety” before it’s official release later this year, so check back in with us here at Music Republic Magazine for that review. He’s definitely “one to watch”…   



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