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Brooke Law. She’s written the powerful song ‘Fight Like A Mother’, which is described as a “ballsy feminist song”. Brooke is all about female empowerment and equality and has performed at International Women’s Day.

She recently played to a packed London venue, The Finsbury, as the official launch of the single. The video is pretty striking for the song.

Brooke Law is a London-born British singer and songwriter, hugely influenced by her diverse multi-ethnic family: Eurasian on her maternal side, and mixed Jewish on her paternal side.

It is from this bedrock of family ‘unity-through-diversity’, strength, and positive action that inspires Brooke to express her own values and beliefs through music.

She started song-writing at the age of 15. While studying a music degree at the Institute of Contemporary Music, Brooke was also writing with leading producers who have worked with Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa and Lana Del Ray. Here she fine-tuned her musical prowess and style to find her own identity.

Brooke describes her persona, and indeed her sound, as fun, driven, empowering, caring and above all gutsy. Her music encompasses an era of awareness and empowerment very prevalent today, but is equally influenced by the likes of Janis Joplin, Annie Lennox, and Sia.

Her music does not shy away from hard hitting subjects: feminist issues, equality, societal pressures as well as her own experience of love and disappointment. Her first song “Hidden” was released on International Women’s Day in March 2018, as a way of “commemorating the contribution women have made throughout history that is often not recognised”.

It also celebrated inspirational women from “our everyday lives”. Brooke performed the track at the Million Women Rise March, to stand with those who have experienced gender-based violence. “Fight Like A Mother” is about nurturing and giving everything you have to love your child.

Brooke explains: “I’m not a mother, but I know being a mother is the hardest ‘job’ in the world. No one is taught how to raise someone, and everyday mothers are making choices for their kids. Mothers make these choices with all their heart and power. If women were recognised more, maybe there would be equality within the sexes”.

Music Republic Magazine thinks Ms. Law has something pretty special with her music and deserves to be heard far and wide. A bit of a Shakira thing going on, perhaps. Another artist we really dig and Brooke reminded us of, is French star Tal.

The single is really polished and commercial, but credible. Great vocal, full of passion and emotion.  She’s certainly got the chops as a triple threat; singer, song writer and performer.

So we invited Brooke to complete an Artist Q&A for our new “Undiscovered Zone” to introduce herself, her music, this superb new single and its impressive video, to our sizeable global readership.

So without further ado……………………………  




  1. Your name and your age?Brooke Law… just turned 23.
  2. . Where you were born and where you are based now?

I was born and grew up in Barnet and now I’m still a North London gal

3. Instruments you play?

I play keys and guitar. But only for writing. I like to put all my energy into performing the song and I love to dance while SINGING!

4. Age when you started in music and what was your first public performance?

I will always Love You- Whitney Houston was the first song I sang on stage. I was 12. The adrenalin rush I got was the best feeling ever.

5. What song or artist lit the flame inside you to want to be a musician/artist.

Beautiful- Christina Aguilera

6. First song you wrote, at what age and what was it called, and what inspired it?

The first song I wrote was about my local bus 307. ‘Where is my 307, it’s already past 11’.

7. Do you write alone or with co-writers? If co-writers, who?

Both. I enjoy co-writing more, it’s so exciting to bounce off each other’s ideas and really explore different concepts. Songwriter Peter Cunnah once told me ‘co-writing is the only time 1+1=3’. SO TRUE.



8. Do you write lyrics and music? Which comes first?

At the moment, I think about the concept first, so the lyrics and melody will naturally come first and then I’ll add some chords and work on the music.

9. Bullet points of your music career/achievements to-date?

* Performing on stage at a TEDx Houses of Parliament Talk.
* Singing my song “Hidden” live on stage at the Million Women Rise end of march celebrations @ Trafalgar Square.
* And finally releasing my first single Fight Like A Mother.

10. What music has been released so far? And what format and dates?

I’ve just self-released my first single, which is part of a soon to be released EP.

11. Name your 3 main influences?


12. How do you describe your own music style to a stranger who asks: “what kind of music do you play/sing”?

Gutsy Pop with an Indian vibe

13. Who are you listening to right now; bands/artists?


14. What is the most personal song you have written and its background?

The Edge- it’s about whether you could love someone enough to make you wanna give up and risk everything

15. Who would be your dream collaboration as a songwriter and as an artist; naming one living and one deceased person to write with and to record or to perform on stage with?

Chris Martin
Amy Winehouse

16. What do you want your music to say about you?

That I’m honest. I hope people connect with the lyrics.

17. Best compliment you have read or heard about you and your music so far?

Through my part-time job I worked with some amazing people on a tech conference. One of my colleagues had said they used to sing, and since releasing my song they realised how much they missed it and wanted to start again!

18. What is the dream for your music?

To have people choosing my songs to play to feel inspired and empowered.

19. Who is your biggest fan?

My mum, straight up

20. Do you want to be famous?

I used to say I just want to make it, fully knowing that ‘making it’ meant being famous. At the moment I’m writing music I’m proud of and enjoy the process, I’m working with musicians who are my friends and who inspire me. I have a part time job which I really enjoy, it’s a different experience to music but it’s inspiring and I also get to work with amazing people.


21. How many gigs have you done and where (countries or towns and cities if only UK).

I used to gig the London circuit regularly with my band but then I took some time out for writing.

We literally had our first gig with my new music last week, so I feel like I should say 1.
(But I’ve gigged enough to know it’s the thing I enjoy MOST)

22. Strangest gig you have done?

Strangest because it was so last minute but so cool. I was asked the night before to play at Gumball Rally before Pixie Lott.  When we got to the stage, we realised we were then being filmed and aired on screens all along Regents Street in London.

23. Funniest or most dramatic thing that has ever happened to you?

(More funny) I once fell down from the top of the stairs and went to A&E before a gig which I had made my boyfriend do on Valentine’s Day.

24. Best moment in music so far?

Singing at Trafalgar Square for Million Women Rise

25. Worst?

I started doing this dance move on stage whilst singing. I felt really cool and natural. Totally new move- but I kept on with coz I thought I looked great. When I came off stage, everyone who knew me said I looked like I needed a wee the whole time.

26. A: X Factor?, B: The Voice? C: Britain’s Got Talent? D: Gouge your own eyes out with a rusty spoon?

All sound pretty painful.

27. Day jobs you have done…………………?

I make ice cream with ‘Lick Me I’m Delicious’

Behind the bar at Love Box

Handing out protein bars at the winter run

28. Pet hate?

People holding their umbrellas a metre behind them…

29. Guilty secret?

I still listen to Justin Bieber-Boyfriend for a feel-good tune.


30. Plans for rest of this year and next year?

Archetypes EP. The concept of the EP is each song represents a different archetype of a women. ‘Fight Like A Mother’ represents the ‘nurturer’.

Single 2: Maiden  Single 3:  Queen  Single 4: Lover
















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