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Thirty Seconds To Mars, Arena Birmingham, 29th March 2018









All Photos: Jason Sheldon (Fab aren’t they?)



  1. Monolith Intro
  2. Up in the Air
    (Ext. Bridge)
  3. Kings and Queens
    (Ext. Studio Intro; Ext. Bridge; Short Ending)
  4. Search and Destroy
    (Ext. Intro; Last Chorus restarted; Ext. Outro)
  5. This Is War
    (Chant Intro)
  6. Dangerous Night
    (Stripped Intro)
  7. Do or Die
    (Acapella Intro; Acapella Outro; Fans onstage)
      Song played from tape: Pyres of Varanas 
  8. The Kill (Bury Me)
    (No Intro; Acapella Outro)
  9. Stay
    (Rihanna cover)
  10. Hurricane
    (No Bridge or Final Chorus; Acapella Outro)
  11. City of Angels
  12. Conquistador
  13. Night of the Hunter
  14. Rider


15. Walk on Water

(Acapella Outro)

16. Closer to the Edge

(Ext. Intro; Ext. Outro; Fans onstage)





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