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Paloma Faith, Genting Arena Birmingham, 21st March 2018


Mad as a box of frogs, but a truly great singer and artist. One of the very best this country has.

Ms. Paloma Faith caught in the act by our interpid lensman Jason Sheldon last night at the Genting Arena in Birmingham.  That’s Birmingham, England, not the one in Alabama. His expenses claims are high enough, thank you!

Trekking around the UK’s arenas on “The Architect” tour, following a number one in the UK album chart with, yep, you guessed it, “The Architect”,  her fourth album.

Paloma looked stunning in a black and white zebra striped style trouser suit affair, with a cloak/shawl thingie draped across her, which was lined with white material.



Wearing high white platform shoes, and her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, which was often left hanging over her shoulder. Pink lipstick to match (some of) her finger nails. (Can’t you tell a man wrote this stuff about her styling?) Not sure what Jason was wearing; maybe ‘Man at Oxfam?’…

She smiled for most of the gig, and shared in-jokes with her three female backing singers, and bantered to the audience – the concert was pretty much sold out – in-between songs in her usual “just chatting to my mates”, eccentric but endearing way.

She spoke about being a Mum and contrasts that with a plea to be nice to each other, and a mention of ‘The Donald’ before her song, “WW3”. Nuff said!



On a stage which sparkled under the lights, with all the faux diamond props scattered across it. The 36-year-old star kicked off the set with three from her latest hit album, including the title cut, and her hit single “Crybaby” which was the first single from her new album.  The single was released summer of 2017 and made the Top 40 of the UK singles chart.

She delivered all her big hits too, as well as the newer stuff, and encouraged her fans to get up and shake their bits if they fancied it. Some did.



Memories clearly now faded, of losing out on 2018 the nomination for “Best British Female Artist” at the recent Brit Awards, won by Dua Lipa; Paloma winning it back in 2015. Ms. Faith was happy and relaxed, and turned in a masterclass performance as a versatile vocalist.

She has an incredible range, much power but still able to pull back and show mahoosive control on the softer ballads. Her stage craft and command of the stage and audience is not to be underestimated.

The girl has made musical history. The only British female artist this decade to have her last three albums go double platinum in the UK, with each selling more than the last. That’s pretty cool, huh?



It’s a fact: You just gotta have Faith…







All Photos: Jason Sheldon





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